Why CAE?

We are a progressive factory, with a beneficial combination of Chinese and Western philosophies and management practices. Whilst the foundation to our business is built on the extraordinary skills and experience of the Yixing pottery industry, our competitive advantage is extended through our Western approach to Quality, Service and Product Development.


We operate according to the motto that ‘Quality is not an Accident’ . We take several steps to ensure that all our staff understand the role they must play in delivering the highest possible standard for our customers – this is at the forefront of our minds. We do not take shortcuts with the manufacturing process and utilise only the best ingredients in order to deliver a high quality product. Our glazed and terracotta pottery are gas fired, which ensures we can deliver a strong, frost resistant, and vibrant result. This commitment extends beyond the product itself, and also encompasses our customer requirements in relation to the packing and labeling of our goods as well.


The Directors of CAE have combined experience in the garden decor business of more than 40 years. This grants us invaluable insight into the challenges our customers face, and we endeavour to use this experience to the benefit of our customers. We place enormous importance on frequent and open communication with our customers, and consider this the essential ingredient for building long term partnerships. We recognise that such co-operation enables us to provide a high level of reliability and certainty for our customers, that is so critical for their planning requirements. Ultimately, we are committed to finding ways that make it easier for our customers to sell our products!

Product Development

Central to our past success and plans for the future is the emphasis we place on product development and innovation. We aim to consistently develop products that are not only high quality and great value, but modern and in tune with rapidly changing trends. Unlike many of our competitors, we are proactive throughout the development process, and seek to deliver products that are innovative and offer solutions.